MD Scalp Essential Hairloss Treatment Serum 60ml


MD Scalp Essential Hairloss Treatment Serum is a formulation from Dr Susan F. Lin.
This is an expert formulated and created scalp serum, which aids the growth of brittle and fine hair.
The MD Hair Scalp Essentials helps to renew the scalp environment, and address excess oil and congestion, leaving the scalp feeling revitalized and fresh after usage.
It is drug and hormone-free.
It is safe for colour-treated hair.
It gives a denser looking hair.
It can be used as a dry shampoo.
It addresses and corrects oily scalp.
It gets rid of follicle-congesting residue and sebum, so the scalp feels renewed and fresh
It contains anti-ageing plant factors to tackle hair shedding
It is a must have for weaves and extensions.
For more details, A healthy scalp produce strong or tight hair, and if you dare to avoid care of your hair, slowly-slowly scalp becomes weak and it causes irritation and poor hair growth. If you are really suffering from an itchy or dry scalp, you can give the right treatment using effective hair scalp treatment serum only, and get the maximum benefits out of it.

Suggested Usage:

MD Scalp Essentials can be applied directly on a clean scalp, using a dropper. After parting the hair into different sections and applying, massage gently into the scalp.

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